Fall Colors SouthWest Finalist #4:
Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East

Fall Colors SouthWest Finalist #4:
Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East

Laure Joliet
Nov 14, 2007

Here's the fourth of our 4 southwestern finalists, from Echo Park, in Los Angeles, California. Please toss in your two cents, as our panel of judges will use your comments to help finalize their own decision (it's a tough job!).

Name: Ashley
Location: Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA.
Type: Rented Studio
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Ashley's favorite OTHER entry:

I really liked Melissa's Color Extensions. I thought her palette was very subtle, sophisticated, and well-integrated throughout the home, packing in a lot of color but not knocking you out with the "Wow! Bright!" factor.

In you home, tell us about and show us your favorite colorful object?

I had a really hard time choosing because there are so many colorful things I love: my Japanese porcelain plate, my Art Noveau and Jugendstil tiles, my Catia Chien print, my Los Angeles map plate from Not Neutral, a poster advertising "cormorant fishing" from Japan (unfortunately not pictured, because it's being framed) ... and my pet salamanders, who are pink and orange!

However, in the end I decided to go with the stained glass "rondelle" pendant lamp I found at a flea market a few months ago. It spoke to me instantly (despite being a little dusty and misshapen at the time) and it integrates all the colors I used throughout my apartment - shades of blue, red, brown, yellow and green. Although it weighs about 30 pounds and I was terrified that it would fall on me in an earthquake, I was determined to find a way to hang it above my bed. Now its lovely, colorful light is the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

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