Fall Is Here: 10 Ways To Clean & Prep Your Fireplace

Fall Is Here: 10 Ways To Clean & Prep Your Fireplace

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 29, 2011

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about ways to keep the heat down and survive the long hot summer. But Fall is here for many parts of the country, so now is the time to start thinking about your fireplace before you truly depend on it for heat. Does your fireplace need cleaning? Can it run more efficiently? Check out these quick tips!

1. A Step-by-Step Guide For Cleaning Your Fireplace: Have you ever truly cleaned your fireplace? It can be daunting by this easy guide from our friends at Charles and Hudson make it a bit easier!

2. Green Clean Your Fireplace Soot With A Soak: Marble fireplaces are quite beautiful, but they can be quite stubborn to clean. Not anymore with this easy trick.

3. A Cheap Solution To Unruly Fireplace Tools: This $1 solution allows you to ditch the clunky tool caddies that never really work anyway. Super smart!

4. Clean Your Fireplaces With Cream Of Tartar: Cream of Tartar? Isn't that only for baking? You want me to use it on my fireplace? YES!

5. How To: Make Your Fireplace More Efficient Grate heater, fireback, damper: Are these words you recognize? If not this is the post for you!

6. Hot Tip: Use Coffee Grounds To Keep Fireplace Dust Down: We repurpose coffee for all sorts of things, but many probably wouldn't think of your fireplace as one of them. This tip will keep your house smelling great and the ash down.

7. 5 Green Fire Log Options: Like your fireplace but not so fond of the wood? Check out these eco-friendly options starting to become more and more available for those cold winter months.

8. Great Idea: Discarded Metal Turned Fireplace Frame: we've seen corrugated metal all over the place these days, but this is still one of the best ways we've seen it used. It's attractive with the right amount of modern and rustic combined.

9. Creative Reuse: Newspaper Brick Maker & Log Roller: Turn old magazines and newspapers into fire fuel with these two small handy devices.

10. 3 Types of Fireplaces to Keep You Warm: Are you looking for a new fireplace? Possibly ready to install one? Here's a few options worth your time.

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