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Loath as I am to say goodbye to summer, fall is officially on its way in a couple of weeks, and I've been thinking about seasonal changes. We tend to associate the onset of spring with "spring cleaning," and in holiday seasons, many people get festive with decorations. But do you have any fall rituals at home?

Personally, my home tends to stay the same year-round, and any shifts I make in my space are more related to temperature than to season (for instance, the extra blankets come out when the cold arrives, not just because of the arrival of fall or winter).

But I know that some people seasonally adapt their homes. For some, fall decor means different curtains, accent colors, artwork, or bedding. Others use fall to make certain cold-weather preparations or perform a fall deep-clean similar to spring cleaning. Some rotate clothes and seasonal item storage, and others change up their landscaping and gardening routines.

What about you? Do you have any home tasks that you tackle each fall?

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