Family Pillow No. 1 from K Studio

Family Pillow No. 1 from K Studio

Tammy Everts
Sep 15, 2008

When we first laid eyes on the Family Pillow, we thought, "Aw, cute" (mostly because we're suckers for any product with the word "family" in it). But when we realized that each pillow is custom-made to represent your very own family, we thought, "We want!" Two mommies? No prob. Two mommies and two daddies? You got it. Fat dog? Skinny dog? One of your kids has ears like a bunny? All that's covered, too.

While naturally we'd love to have our own nuclear unit immortalized in pillow form, we also think this would be a wonderful gift for our own parents, or for friends who've just completed (er, they hope) their families.

Each made-to-order pillow is handmade by Mary and Shelly Klein, the mother-daughter team behind K Studio. The shells are made of organic hemp, and the filling is a mix of feathers and down.

Prices range from $134 for a 14" square pillow to $160 for a 22" square. Place your order through Branch Home. There's also the Family Pillow No. 2 in dark brown.

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