There are some families that ban iPads, phones, email, and all things tech when taking the hallowed family vacation. I'm amazed by that. Maybe we'll try it sometime. But, though I don't want to spend our vacation tied to our devices, there are moments when I find having a little tech helps everyone recharge.

For instance: waiting in long lines, waiting for dinner after a long day without a nap, keeping quiet on a long flight (again, when nap time just won't happen!). Or, even just hanging out at the hotel room to help wind down before the bedtime routine. I'm a firm believer in moderation, but our iPads and iPhones help things run a little more smoothly. Especially for those parts of a vacation that are just not interesting or enjoyable for a young kid. Here are a couple of apps that kept my 4-year-old daughter interested while on our vacation last week:

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