Small Style: Tiny Heirloom, the World's Littlest Luxury Home

If you've always wanted to live in a home so tiny it fits on a trailer, but were loathe to give up your dream of a gourmet kitchen, you're in luck. Portland makers Tiny Heirloom have jumped into the tiny home business, but they're making fancy tiny homes.

The houses, which are custom-built to your specifications, feature gourmet kitchens, high-end bathroom fittings, and even washer/dryers. And they're built on a travel trailer and completely portable, so you can take your little bit of luxury on the road β€” no foundation needed.

The tiny houses, which are built near Portland but can be shipped anywhere in the US, start at $65,000. So if it's your dream to own a luxury home β€” and size really doesn't matter β€” you're in luck.

Find out more about Tiny Heirloom homes at their website.

via Design Collector

(Image credits: Design Collector)