Fandex Field Guides

Fandex Field Guides

Carrie McBride
Nov 7, 2007

Fans of Fandex. A friend of ours collects Fandex Field Guides and we recently had the opportunity to test them out with her kids. Though the leaves are quickly falling on most of the trees in our park, the kids approached our nature walk like amateur sleuths determined to I.D. some trees. They were less interested in reading about the trees' habitat and history, but they loved fanning through the pictures – leaves, bark patterns, flowers and nuts or seeds to find possible matches with the trees they were seeing.

We also brought along the Birds Fandex Field Guide and, though they don't stay still like trees do, we were able to identify a few of these two. And we've already made plans for another walk in the Spring with the Wildflowers Guide.

Fandex Guides are available on a multitude of topics - butterflies, dinosaurs, American Presidents, mythology, explorers, artists, composers, etc. and usually sell for around $10. (The Trees Fandex is here.)

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