Diane von Furstenberg's Duvet Covers

The transition from fashion to bedding designer isn't a big stretch — both roles involve the design, production and sale of textiles, and both do best in the market when they've defined a signature brand. People like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have been in the game for a long time, while big-name designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Kate Spade have only recently tried their hand at bedding.

  1. Diane von Furstenberg: An iconic name in the fashion industry, she just launched a bedding collection this year. Some of the bold prints on her duvet covers are the same patterns she's used for the classic wrap dress.
  2. Kate Spade: Bloomingdale's currently has a few Kate Spade New York bedding collections in stock, ranging from $125 to $500, and the KS website advertises an expanded line scheduled to launch soon.
  3. JF & Son: This small New York-based label just started making pillows ($98) and they're also collaborating with artist Ulrike Muller on a collection of bright chromatic quilts ($450).
  4. Trina Turk: This Los Angeles designer translated her bright, beachy style into a line of throw pillows. Sold through high-end stores like Horchow, they're priced around $125 - $150.
  5. Calvin Klein: The master of minimalism has been selling bedding through department stores for many years. The aesthetic is like his clothing — basic, well made, and classic. Shown above: Fan Stitch Pillow at Lord & Taylor, $125.
  6. Ralph Lauren: Like Calvin Klein, this "preppy chic" fashion icon has a signature home collection that's been sold through major stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's for years. Shown above: Indigo Modern Collection, $20 - $160.
  7. Vera Wang: Her bedding collection is also available through department stores, and it's got a soft, feminine quality that's reminiscent of her famous bridal gowns. The Vera Wang Collection at Bloomingdale's ranges between $135 and $450.
  8. Eileen Fisher: Known for her casual, comfortable clothes, Eileen Fisher made the natural transition into bedding by partnering with Garnet Hill. Her collection includes linen, cotton, and silk bedding ranging from $25 - $400.
  9. Donna Karan: She distinguished her brand in the fashion world with an "Essentials" line of mix and match basics, and her bedding collection follows the same general formula. Shown above: DKNY Illusion Sheet Set, $100.
  10. Missoni: The Italian family famous for zig-zag knitwear also makes high-end bedding, sold through retailers like Nieman Marcus and Unica Home. The signature zig-zag appears in their Khoen Bed Linens at Nieman Marcus, $130 - $1,120.