From Fashion to Interiors: Miu Miu's Bold Palette for Fall

From Fashion to Interiors: Miu Miu's Bold Palette for Fall

Janel Laban
Sep 3, 2012

I'm surely not the only one currently enjoying the annual feast that is the "September Issue". The latest Vogue is filled to the brim with lovely fashion ideas, from quirky to sublime, with ads that work hard to rival the editorial pages. One of the series of ads that immediately caught my eye is from Miu Miu...

The Fall/Winter 2012 look from Miu Miu is boldly and clearly retro rock and roll - a punky androgynous mashup of glam rock and menswear - and therefore, not for everyone. But, whether or not you'd personally rock the wildly patterned trousers, there is inspiration to be found. The palette of color and pattern is bold, warm, bright, vibrant, yet ultimately, very adaptable to "home".

These are colors that haven't been used frequently in interiors in recent years and their time might be coming around again - golds, browns, a family of reddish orange rusts with a mix of jewel tones of strong green, purple, red and blue. The patterns are strong and recognizable - wide stripes, checkerboards, geometrics, and small menswear houndstooth-y checks. The materials have shine - velvets, shimmery silks and satins and high gloss or metallic leathers.

While a room fully decked out in the upholstery equivalent of the Miu Miu look would be very theatrical, if you picture adding just a piece or two that would fit into this mold, say a glossy emerald green leather chair or an overstuffed orange-y rust velvet sofa, with a few silky, necktie fabric pillows and/or a metallic lamp (or two), it would be an instant, slightly offbeat and unexpected, on-trend style refresh.

Check out more of the ads: Miu Miu

(Images: Ads - Miu Miu, Arflex Sofa - Janel Laban)

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