Fashionably Functional: Capturing Couture Camera Straps

Fashionably Functional: Capturing Couture Camera Straps

Gregory Han
Aug 30, 2011

We actually discovered photography accessory company, Capturing Couture, in a most roundabout fashion. While perusing design wares on a German blog, we noted the cool camera straps from a company called DesignStraps. Their range of replacements for the ho-hum Nikon or Canon logo-emblazoned straps won us over by the sheer array of patterns and colours, designed with both men and women's preferences in mind. The bummer was reading they only shipped around Europe. But with a little additional reading up, we realized DesignStraps is the German distributor of a good ole American company founded by two women, who operate Capturing Couture...

Capturing Couture founders Erika and Lisa design their line of straps for cameras, guitars, and camera bags with an obvious twist compared to much of the technical, male-dominated photography accessories world: all offer a fashionable finish. The $45 straps are comfortably wide with a plush velvet surface around the neck region, adjustable just like that scratchy-rough neck strap that came with your DSLR (they also offer point and shoot wrist straps). Probably not for your hardcore photojournalist, but if you're a city-scouting shutterbug, these camera straps are going to look a whole lot nicer than the red or yellow company logo designs most of us are adorned with.

We especially like the more sedate, sophisticated male line of straps (we'd love a few to choose from like ties), but can also appreciate the Bohemian and Navajo Textiles inspired lines for the more fashionable set. Buy one for him/her, him/him, her/her...or just several for yourself!

And of course, if you live in Europe, you too can fashion accessorize your camera via DESIGNSTRAPS, where we first learned about these shutterbug accesories.

  • Total Length: 37" fixed length long with 13" additional adjustability on each side of strap
  • Connection: 3/8" wide X 15" long nylon webbing
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