Father's Day Guide: Colorful Gifts for
Design Loving Dads

Father's Day Guide: Colorful Gifts for
Design Loving Dads

Jason Yang
Jun 5, 2013
Does dad really need another tie? Maybe, but maybe he'd rather receive a boldly colored new grill, digital camera, or smartphone instead of neckwear this year. Father's Day is nearing fast, so the hunt for the unique and alternative has begun in earnest, so we've gathered up a few options for dear old dad with color and design in mind...

Forget the Rolex, let's see dad go hipster geek for a day with this retro Timex watch ($11.99) in green! The calculator function and LCD display will surely bring back nostalgic memories before all this smartphone gobbledygook.

The new Nokia Lumia 928 isn't as vibrantly colored as the previous Lumia 900, but the glossy white case partnered with the tile-based UI of Windows Phone stands out from the sea of iPhones and Android devices ($49.99 - $499.99) .

Bam! Now this is a bright red iPad leather smart cover ($14.99) that everyone will be sure to notice at a fraction of the price of the Apple branded Red smart cover.

If dad is the rough and rugged type, the Olympus Tough waterproof camera ($89.99) can add a splash of blue for moments he's jumping in to adventure himself, ensuring vacation pictures and camera gear come back uninjured.

Grill up some red meat on a sizzling red grill with the Minden Master II ($449.99). It's also available in a fun blue, green, or boring black.

Swap out dad's boring briefcase with a colorful and customizable bag from Timbuk2. There are a ton of colors and styles and he can even pick his own combination.

Spice Up Your Father's Boring Old Monotone Palette Tech ToysColorWare products cost a fortune, but it's the ultimate expression of color and tech. Many of the most popular tech devices, from iPhones, Xboxes, to Beats headphones, can be customized with unique paint job in a variety of combinations. If your dad happens to be an Arrested Development devotee, you can even get him a custom painted Segway!

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