(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The frost is not quite on the punkin yet, but we're heading into chillier temps and looking for ways to feel cozy at home. Cable knit is practically a harbinger of autumn and while these faux knit decor pieces won't actually keep you warm, the pattern inevitably lends a homey, warm feeling.

  1. Pendant Swag Lamp ($199, Reshape Studio)
  2. Stoneware Soap Dish ($5, Lisa Roll Pottery)
  3. Flannel Bedding ($28-88, Garnet Hill)
  4. Square Letterpress Coasters ($22/10, Red Bird Ink)
  5. Tray ($9.95, H&M)
  6. Vase in Slate Green ($22, Hadley Clay)
  7. Just Plain Folk Carpet Tiles ($15/square, Flor)
  8. Porcelain Knitware Bowl ($65, Alyssa Ettinger)

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