How To Make a Modern 'Faux' Headboard with Wall Mounted Lighting

How To Make a Modern 'Faux' Headboard with Wall Mounted Lighting

Laurie McGinley
Mar 22, 2012

Our bedroom is so small that we had to choose between making room for night stands and a bed frame or having room to walk on both sides of the bed. Find out how $50 in hardware, a drill, and some patience became a space maximizing, faux headboard with bedside lighting.

Two swing lamps, a long towel rod, and three ceramic eggs from Ikea mounted to the wall above the bed were enough to make a faux headboard. The key to making all this work on plaster and lathe walls was making sure that everything was well connected to the wall.

Toggle Bolts and Wing Anchors
In order to make sure that we didn't tear the lights out of the walls from daily use, I used toggle bolts and wing anchors to securely fasten the swing lamps to the wall. I knew we would want to adjust the lights and that would put a lot of stress on what could have been a very delicate connection in a fragile plaster wall. The wing anchors connect to the plaster wall behind the lathe which keeps the fixtures from pulling out of the wall. It also helps them feel secure when we move them.

An unexpected bonus to this faux headboard solution was that it reduced the amount of stuff we used to think we needed by the bed. There are only three little ceramic eggs now so only essentials are out.

The disadvantage of a wall mounted light is that one must deal with the cords. As you can see, I haven't dealt with them yet. The switch for these lamps is along the cord, so it cannot be completely hidden and There isn't a good way make them disappear into the wall. Can anyone share suggestions on how to tackle this last part o fthe project?

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(Image: Laurie McGinley)

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