My 4 Favorite Can't-Live-Without-Them Bedroom Products

My 4 Favorite Can't-Live-Without-Them Bedroom Products

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 8, 2015

Want to peek into my bedroom? It's not the one above; that belongs to Tiffany. My bedroom contains some very specific products that I just can't get along without and I'm going to tell you exactly what they are. Seriously, I couldn't sleep without this stuff!

Cora carafe at CB2

(Image credit: CB2)

I've told you before how much I love having water next to my bed during the night. I think it helps me sleep better and stay hydrated. The cora carafe from CB2 is sleek, has its own cup and is only $10.95.

Marpac Dohm sound machine

(Image credit: Target )

This $50 machine has paid for itself time and time again in my noisy NYC bedroom. It was introduced in 1962 and not much has changed. It doesn't have a recording; there are no fancy frogs or ocean noises. Instead, the Dohn uses a fan and a simple adjustable cover with openings to create a full, neutral and soothing sound that doesn't exactly cover up other noise, it just makes it blend together so it's not as noticeable.

WeMo Insight Switch

(Image credit: belkin)

This light switch is a bit of an indulgence (it's $59.99) but I just love it so much! The switch lets me use my phone to control any device that's plugged into it. In my small, oddly-configured bedroom, it's a pain for me to reach the light switch (especially if I'm half-asleep in bed) so I just use my iPad (I'm usually reading right before bed anyway) to click the app and turn it off. So much better.

Real Simple Slimline flocked hangers

(Image credit: Bed Bath and Beyond)

These babies have really upped my closet game. Not only can I fit so much more in the same space, they really keep my slinky silk shirts on the hanger (not crinkled up on the closet floor). I outfitted my entire closet (except heavy coats for which I use wood) and it finally looks like the streamlined, organized closet of a grown-up! And they only cost about a dollar each.

Those are mine; now it's time for you to tell me which bedroom products you can't live without.

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