From Planters to Posters

From Planters to Posters

It's a good thing I didn't bring spending money, because there were some serious temptations on display at Dwell on Design (offered at a show discount, no less). I made a beeline from afar when I spied this eye-popping yellow planter from Wallter, which I now desperately want for my newly yellow door. I also came across an amazing ceramicist and learned more about cork.

Images 1-3: I mentioned Wallter in a recent roundup of stylish hanging planters. I love, love, love their newest line. Those citrus hues are even punchier in person, and that standing planter would add a modern sculptural element to any garden.

Image 4: Monica Calderon's tiles and tabletop objects look like glass, but they're actually made of resin. They're durable, food-safe and gorgeous.

Image 5: I'd never heard of Lesley Anton and now I'm kind of obsessed. This pic doesn't do her ceramics and handmade lamps justice. Check out her website.

Images 6-7: These cork stools by architect Eugene Stoltzfus were a bit hit. Not squishy cork, either, really solid. Cork, which regenerates its bark after harvest, is a promising material for home furnishings. Stoltzfus uses what's discarded after wine corks are cut, then grinds it down and combines it with resin to create an incredibly durable material.

Image 8: True to its name, George Sacaris' "Faux-Bois" collection features sculptural aluminum pieces that resemble logs and stumps. Very chic with a hint of modern-rustic.

Image 9: I once found the most perfect vintage skiing poster for my boyfriend and was all set to buy it until I balked at the price tag that toppled a grand. Many of these fabulous specimens from Vintage European Posters reach that price point, though I saw many in the $500 range too. It's a lot for a poster, especially when you factor in framing, but the oversize art packs such a graphic punch that it's a worthwhile investment.

Image 10: Charley Harper makes me smile. He makes everyone smile, so far as I can tell. I wish I could afford some of his original prints, but this new Fishs Eddy line by Todd Oldham using Harper's designs is darling and affordable.

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