Favorite Tool: Cordless Drill

Favorite Tool: Cordless Drill

Laure Joliet
Feb 19, 2008

Thanks to everyone who shared their long weekend projects. You guys have certainly been productive. Since this weekend involved a move for us there are a lot of things to be done. But one of the first was putting together a quick landing strip (how many times can you lose your keys in one day?) which made us grateful for our best friend, the cordless drill.

Having kept our home renovation work to gluing, nailing and painting (and taping if the job is truly complicated) we have to say that our most useful tool is our Ryobi cordless drill (that we got as a present!) and not just for the landing strip. As long as we keep it charged we whip her out for hanging curtain rods, assembling furniture, creating shelving, you name it, we need it. It seems she's always there for us. How did we live so long without her?

What is your most treasured tool? And which ones are just taking up space?

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