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In honor of Google I/O, this week's tablet app roundup spotlights the best of Android apps. Updates to Google Play highlights Google's new push towards increasing the amount of tablet apps in their ecosystem, meaning we should see a growing improvement both in options and quality.

Several developers showed off their tablet apps this year at the I/O Sandbox wing of Google I/O, and here are ten of the best from this years show floor...


1. Pattrn, Free.
2. Pocket (also available for iOS), Free.
3. Netflix (also available for iOS & Windows 8), Free.
4. Press, $2.99.
5. Expedia (also available for iOS & Windows 8), Free.


6. Pinterest (also available for iOS), Free.
7. Eye in Sky Weather, Free & $1.94.
8. TED (also available for iOS), Free.
9. Flipboard (also available for iOS), Free.
10. NYTimes (also available for iPad & Windows 8), Free.

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(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho, all others as linked above)

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