FC East Finalist #3: Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness

FC East Finalist #3: Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 13, 2007

Name: Artsy Family
Location: Atlanta, GA
Type: 3 bedroom home, owned
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Artsy Family's favorite OTHER entry:

"It's a ranch home. There are so many things I like about this entry: #8 from the Chicago category - John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night One. I grew up in ranch houses and they didn't look like this!..."

"I LOVE it when people take something (like a ranch house) in a
completely unexpected direction-- it just makes me believe that we
don't have to accept things the way they are... there is so much
oppurtunity to change things for the better.

Another thing I love is the graphic elements throughout: an F here, a
C there. Those are such nice touches! I can tell this is done by a
graphic designer, and I think he's exactly right about what he's done:
he taken "what works in print to interior spaces."

Finally, I just enjoy seeing that John has made choices that I
definitely wouldn't have, and he's been completely successful with
them. Painting the walls that rich graphite color would (for me)
threaten to make the room too dark. Instead it is alive with the
colors and shapes that pop off the wall. Everywhere I look, I see
something delightful or unexpected. The rich colors, graphic layout,
and classic furniture pieces really do it for me."

If you lived in a white house, and you only had one color to play with, what would it be, how would you use it and why?:

If I lived in a white house and only had one color to play with, I
would cry. Then, I would surround myself with cheerful shades of aqua
blue. That color, to me, has such energy without ever shouting too
loud. It doesn't cast a pallor over anything, and it looks great
against white. I would probably paint most of the walls, and then find
every accessory I could that was some value of aqua blue. Then, maybe
some modern white furniture with nice, clean lines would be the final

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