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We've covered the BPA scare before: looking into plastic bottles and siding with the view that we're better safe than sorry.

As a result, we've made some changes, particularly in the way we store food in order to avoid exposure to BPA: gone are the ubiquitous lightweight plasticWare containers.

But now the FDA is saying BPA is safe... well, sort of.

The AP article, which we spotted in the San Francisco Chronicle, reports:

Food and Drug Administration scientists said the trace amounts of bisphenol A that leach out of food containers are not a threat to infants or adults. The agency acknowledged that more research is needed to fully understand the chemical's effects on humans, and noted "there are always uncertainties associated with safety decisions."

With the chemical banned in Canada, a pro-BPA PR campaign going full bore in the US—and BPA showing up in an estimated 93% of Americans' urine—we think we'll keep playing it safe.