'Look at Me': The Fearless Statement Pieces that Make the Room

'Look at Me': The Fearless Statement Pieces that Make the Room

Tess Wilson
Mar 3, 2017

Some rooms work perfectly because every item is in balance and harmony with every other item...and some work because one fabulous diva of a piece steals the show. Here are 10 rooms with over-the-top statement pieces that might inspire you to go out on a design limb and shake things up at home.

An enormous mirror charmingly overwhelms a Malm dresser from IKEA, but its white paint keeps it from feeling too heavy or busy. The generous proportions of the mirror allow it to reflect nearly the entire bedroom, multiplying the light to the max. Bonus: There's another enormous, antique mirror in the living room.

(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

In this Madrid home (featured on Nuevo Estilo) full of statement lighting, this larger-than-the-dining-table chandelier still manages to stand out. Hanging such a large piece so close to the diners' heads creates an experience that's whimsical and transportive — any meal eaten directly under a sparkling constellation is inherently special.

In Kelly's dressing room, a gorgeous piece of clothing becomes a sculpture that dominates the space and keeps it from feeling like a closet. And it's not the only room in this home that demands attention: see the dramatic portrait that hangs over the petite love seat in the living room.

A statement window shade?! Is that a thing? It's totally possible—and covetable—when it's a wide Roman shade custom-made with Timorous Beasties' Napoleon Bee fabric. The rest of the room is outfitted in mostly solid luxe fabrics, allowing the bees to take center stage.