February is Bedroom Month!

Whoo-Hoo, it's that time of year again! During the shortest, coldest month of the year, we return to make sure that everyone's bedroom is in good shape. This is the month to fix it all up and get inspired by others amazing bedrooms. Got a great bedroom? Send us your pics and tips and we'll send the first 30 folks we post a gift from us. email "newyork (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com" and put BEDROOM in the subject line.

In the interest of full disclosure, we love our bedroom, but it gets really cold at night. Our landlord has the heating on some sort of timer that lowers it during the night and kicks it back on at 6am. To combat the cold we have really thick flannel sheets and a big duvet. We also have a small oil heater that keeps the heat up all night. What do you do?
(Pic: JHawke)