February is Bedroom Month! Sleep Survey Roundup

February is Bedroom Month! Sleep Survey Roundup

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 19, 2008

This month we're digging into the bedroom and blogging resources, tips, inspiration and news. We just finished our Romantic Bedroom week and now we're moving on to other areas. In our Shopping Guide you'll find categories of stores that we've covered that sell
>> Beds and Mattresses
>> Bedding and Blankets
and we're adding to it every day....

Also, if you'd like us to blog your bedroom or tips, email us asap with pics at newyork @ apartmenttherapy.com (please put BEDROOM! in the subject field so we see it). If we publish your bedroom, we'll send you a thank you AT T-shirt!

We also thought you like to see the results of our Reader Survey on How Much People Sleep. It turns out that most all agree on HOW MUCH sleep they should get, but at least half get less than that. However, some get more, which is crazy. If you still want to vote and haven't yet, go here.

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