February Is Still All About the Bedroom!

February Is Still All About the Bedroom!

Heather Blaha
Feb 12, 2007

We'd love to see your bedroom! Send your photos to chicago(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com. The first 30 reader bedrooms posted across the four city sites will receive an AT book or t-shirt as a thank you gift.

Joseph's Wicker Park Bedroom

Well...where are your bedroom photos, Chicago? Not to sound pushy, but we really love seeing inside your homes, and so far we've yet to receive any glimpses inside your bedrooms. We've seen some great pics posted on the New York, LA, and San Francisco sites, and are longing to see some fantastic local bedrooms as well! Looking through our house tours, we came across a great variety of close-ups that we wanted to re-post here.

If you're anything like us, these cold, snowy mornings have us looking forward to going to bed a little earlier and sleeping in a little later. We know you must love the place you rest, so if it's a room you've spent time and energy on making your very own, snap a photo or two and show it off. For the next two weeks we'll continue on our quest to make our bedrooms more healthy and organized. Ideas, tips, or questions? Send those in too!

David's Andersonville Bedroom

Zoka's East Village Bedroom

Danny and Carlos' Lakeview Bedroom

Emily and Scott's South Loop Bedroom

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