Feel Good Crafty Video: Behold! Dogs in Sweaters

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A few years ago, Sarah Rae sent me a link to this, the most awesome dog photo ever, just for fun. I had to find an excuse to get it on Apartment Therapy, so I put together a post about staying warm at home and included the amazingly adorable portrait of Bean along with a link to the wonderful Etsy shop that sells the knitted goodies his owner makes......and it went up on the site and y'all loved that dog pic just as much as I did.

Handmade Portraits: Beantown Handmade from Etsy on Vimeo.

So, just a few minutes ago, Sarah Rae sent me a link to this video of a "Bean" photo shoot - it's a quick, well made movie that invokes all the warm and fuzzy feelings that come from the power of handmade, crafty goodness all wrapped up in the story of a crafter and her four-legged muse.

For the DIYers in the crowd, as well as the pet lovers, enjoy!

Behold! Dogs in Sweaters on the Etsy Blog
Anne Burton's Beantown Handmade Shop
• Filmmaker Anthony Ladesich of Mile Deep

Image: Beantown Handmade