Feldmonicus Industries' Lego Lanterns

Feldmonicus Industries' Lego Lanterns

Jill Slater
Aug 26, 2011

Feldmonicus is the pseudonym this LA artist uses for a new online Lego Lantern store. These one-of-a-kind pieces are masterful, yet playful — and the lego lamps are all internally lit and free of any wires or cords…

"I really like the idea of making functioning objects for adults out of the material of childhood. One of the interesting things about lego [as a material] is that I can build something that has some of the quality of childhood, yet looks 'finished'."

They loom large, but, in reality, the lanterns are anywhere from 12" to 49" tall. Great as a bedside table light or as a floor lamp amongst low lying furniture, Feldmonicus lego lanterns offer art tinged with nostalgia in the form of a functional accessory for the home or office.

Check out all the amazing designs over on their website: Feldmonicus Industries.

Images: Feldmonicus Industries

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