Felicity's Secret "PH" Patio

Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #26

Name: Felicity M.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 221 square feet

Your Favorite Thing About Your Outdoor Space: Our favourite thing is the flowerbed/bench, because is gives the patio life with its green climbing plants. And the large mirror because it makes us feel that we have a lot more patio!

Biggest Design Challenge With This Space: Our biggest challenge was the design of a space that function as a laundry room and place to eat outside in summer. So we decided to build the bathroom in the first floor with u-glass and beneath it the laundry room and the built-in BBQ!

Tips for Creating a Great Small Outdoor Space: We live in a very old house well known in Buenos Aires as "Casas Chorizos." These are composed by a very long corridor that lead to various apartments, called in Buenos Aires as "PH." The idea was to create a small patio before entering into our PH. So the apartment's design was created around this patio to allow a lot of light into the rooms and also it gave us the chance to design a flowerbed to plant flowers and climbing plants.

Thanks, Felicity, and good luck!

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