Felt Indoor Shoes by Glerups

Maxwell’s Daily Find 03.15.12

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Felt Indoor Shoes by Glerups

• $88
Glerups Filt

I found these a long time ago and loved them. Coming from an obscure online shop in Denmark, you can nevertheless buy them and have them ship to the US. They are perfect indoor shoes for those of you, who - like me - remove your outdoor shoes at the door and are left with only socks to wear inside. The colors are also great and there are eight of them.
"A really nice indoor shoe which is in particular suitable for everyone wearing long trousers. Felted in 100% pure natural wool. The fleece is washed in soft lime-free water. Trimmed, edged and fitted with soles of pure soft calves' skin. This is why you may still find traces of small vegetable fibres in the felt."

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