Ferns, Ficus & Fiber Optics: Digital Watering Reminders

Ferns, Ficus & Fiber Optics: Digital Watering Reminders

Jeff Heaton
Jan 23, 2012

We all live fast-paced lives so small stuff gets shoved to the backburner and never gets done. An indicator of how much work we've been doing is often how droopy our house plants are (and we don't want cactus or fake plants), so being the technology geeks we are, we decided to give our plants a fighting chance (and their own twitter accounts).

Botanicalls ($99.95)
Finally, what your ficus what it's always wanted: a twitter account. The Botanicalls DIY kit, once complete by your handy work (don't fret if you're not a soldering master, there are assembly instructions), gives your plant the ability to tweet when its water gets low. It even thanks you once you've refilled it (Mr. Plant is so polite!). No guarantees on whether or not it will start a flame war with the house cat though.

AeroGarden ($89.95-199.95)
If you've got a brown thumb, the AeroGarden might be your only solution. It doesn't even need dirt. That's right, can't flub that up because it doesn't need it, just some nutrients. It reminds you to water, simulates it's own sunlight and sits on your counter producing beautiful flowers, tasty herbs or whatever it is you might grow at home. Careful, it may cause you to think you're a super gardener by the explosion of vegetation. Our only qualm with it is the seed pods and nutrients you have to get, but you'd probably be buying those anyway so it's not a deal breaker.

Twine ($99)
Another way to sense the need for moisture from your plant, Twine is meant for all kinds of uses, but here it gives you more functionality than the Botanicall. Tweets, emails, text messaging alerts and all kinds of internet goodness are wrapped up in Twine. That mixed with a host of sensors means you can know exactly what your plant is up to at all times (though knowing when to water it is likely the most useful feature). We like that we aren't limited to Twitter, which admittedly we don't use as much as we should.

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