Fetish: Hot Dipped Steel Buckets at Dover Parkersburg

Email from 7.22.08

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SK and I were poking around last night online, looking for a large bucket/trough/basin thing that we could use as a small pool for Ursula (22 months), when we stumbled across Dover Parkersburg: A Basic Supplier Since 1833. They had exactly what we were looking for and so much more...

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This is a remarkable resource for the chicness of hot dipped steel buckets in many shapes and sizes. This is the sort of thing that Martha Stewart turned into vogue twenty years ago. You can use these for wastebaskets, ice buckets, pools, garbage cans, umbrella stands... you name it. Stroll through the website or get the catalog and imagine all the possibilities. Enjoy!

>> Dover Parkersburg
>> Hardware & Tools.com
a large Dover retailer (ie. where you can buy it all)

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