Look! Preserving Early Morning Privacy

Look! Preserving Early Morning Privacy

Colleen Quinn
Feb 9, 2009

The one lingering issue from Mom's kitchen redo has been the lack of privacy in the kitchen now that the old shade and curtain are gone. As you can see in the picture above, the neighboring apartment building is quite close, and Mom often felt exposed while eating breakfast in her PJs. After months of talking about fixing the problem, we finally made the trek out to Home Depot to find a solution...

The answer we chose? Light Effects Privacy Film in the Texture Twelve pattern. This stuff was super-easy to cut to size, peel away backing, spray soapy water on window, position film on window, squeegie to form a tight bond.

Though Mom was initially skeptical in the store, she soon came around once half the window was finished. By the time the whole project was done, she was raving on the phone to her sisters in Ireland about the transformation.

Mom likes that the film allows natural light to filter into our dark kitchen without compromising her privacy. She also likes that it blocks her view of the neighbors (who have been known to wander about less than completely clothed with their lights on and their shades up!) Not bad for $40 (we needed 2 packs of film) and about 2 hours labor...

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