I've tried not to let weeks of freezing temperatures depress me, but waking up today to -4 degrees made me want to scream. While I walked my dog down icy sidewalks, I decided to make myself hand warmers, even if spring is allegedly arriving soon. I might just make some foot warmers too . . .

  1. FellowFellow's sweet, pocket-sized hand warmers are scented with essential oils.
  2. These clever rice packs fold up for your neck or turn into larger rectangles for your lower back or feet. From Sew 4 Home.
  3. The Purl Bee's felted hot water bottle cover is cozy and chic.
  4. Cheer yourself (or your kids) up with an adorable owl softie that can also be heated in the microwaves. From Wallflower Girl.
  5. It might look like a hot water bottle, but this warmed is a rice pack in stylish disguise. From Instructables.