Figue 15 Candle

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.05.14

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Figue 15 Candle

• $70
Le Labo

This is my current favorite scented candle, and let me say that until a few years ago I stayed FAR AWAY from scented candles. The difference I've learned between the good and the bad is the quality of the ingredients and the true nature of the scent. This one, Figue or Fig, is made by Fabrice Penot, the founder of Le Labo, a boutique perfumerie with stores in NY, Tokyo, London and LA. With the highest quality, this one is "not a straight figue but a figue/black currant blend that makes you want to eat the wax." I'm not sure I would eat it, but I've bought six of these already!

100% soy wax, pure cotton wicks, hand poured, highly dosed with perfume, and weight 245 grs.

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