Fill in the Design _________: Pick the Best Lighting for this Dining Room

It's time for another round of Fill in the Design __________! Are you excited and ready? Here we go....

What lighting would YOU choose for this dining room? Would you stick to the mid century vibe? Match the pastels that are already present? Or go in a completely different direction? Just for fun we photo-shopped out what the homeowner actually chose, so you can pick your favorite ceiling light fixture, and vote for your selection after the jump.

Vote Now! We'll tell you the answer tomorrow.

1. Bluff City Pendant: Perfect colors, love the industrial vibe.
2. Drum Shade Pendant: You can't go wrong with the basics.
3. Zandoo Chandelier: This room needs flair, and this light is it.
4. Jean Pelle Chandelier: Glass kicks ass.
5. Threaded Spica Light: Very cool, very different.
6. Black & White Pendant: Take me to funky town.