Fill in the Design _________: Dining Room Lighting Reveal

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Answer: It was #4, the PELLE Bubble Chandelier! About 16% of you chose this light as your favorite. The overwhelming majority of you were equally split between the Bluff City Pendant (#1) and the Zandoo Chandelier (#3).

This lovely home belongs to Lauren Moffat, a fashion designer living in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids. According to Lauren, the light fixture was the first thing they bought for their new house; she loved its delicate and airy appeal.

Here's what some of you had to say:

I voted for 3. The glitz of that fireplace needs a friend, and its name is Zandoo. - Pi

I'd choose #1. The roundness of the shape matches your table and the bottom greenish color would match the decorative items on your fireplace. The reddish frame accents the chair color as well. I also like how the interior round globe matches the globe fixture in your hallway. - HGD

Torn between #1 and #3 but ended up voting #3. Either would charm the room without overpowering. And I wouldn't want to distract from the painting over the mantel. I can eat and look at naked art at the same time. Kind of like walking and chewing gum simultaneously. - Mary E.

Whatever painting you put on the mantel, it would be nice to be able to see it and not block it with a clunky light. That's why I gravitate towards the Threaded Spica Light. -KHinNJ

The airy asymmetry of the Spica struck me as the most interesting, so I pick #5. - Parnassus

Thanks to all of you who voted and commented! 

(Lead Image: Design Sponge)

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