Fill in the Design ________: Kitchen Lighting Reveal

Fill in the Design ________: Kitchen Lighting Reveal

Dabney Frake
May 1, 2013

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Answer: It was #4, the grey industrial enamel light from Historic Lighting. Most of you liked the Kartell FL/Y Pendant, with the Secto Octo Ceiling Light not far behind.

This kitchen is from one of our house tours, featured this past year. Isabel and Claire's London home initially needed a lot of work, including a brand new kitchen. Today it's filled with eclectic and global finds, family heirlooms and a huge dose of enthusiasm. Claire, a trends analyst, travels the world searching for great design, while Bel has a great eye for local vintage goods.

Here's what some of you had to say:

I chose the tribeca pendant because it mimics the plant in the vase - Pi

It needs some color in there and that green bubble pendent is perfect


I would go with the kartell pendent lamp, though not in the green, but also the Poulsen Ph5 pendent would also work too - Ciddyguy

They all have their points... I like the Octo, but (not checking prices) probably couldn't afford it. Price matters, sadly — life is full of compromises - SherryBinNH

Thanks to all who voted and commented!

(Image: Apartment Therapy)

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