Fill in the Design ____________: Pick the Best Rug for this Bedroom

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Got your interior designer hat on? Because it's time for another round of Fill in the Design __________! 

What rug would YOU choose for this bedroom? Would you add a punch of color? Keep in low key and muted? Just for fun we photoshopped out what the designer actually chose, so you can pick your favorite floor covering, and vote for your selection after the jump.

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Vote Now! We'll tell you the answer tomorrow.
  1. Abstract Clouds: Abstract and unique
  2. Star Pattern: Classic and timeless
  3. Yellow Flat Woven Rug: Vibrant pop of color
  4. Moroccan Rug: Plush, yet simple
  5. Natural Fibers: Neutral and durable
  6. Blue Cotton Denim: Casual ease

(Lead Image: to be revealed tomorrow)

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