Finalist #4: Spon & Andy's Lagoon Blue Loft

Name: Spon
Location: Oakland,CA
Type: Condo/Loft – Owned
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Spon's favorite OTHER entry:

I absolutely *love* "Alicia's 'Finished' Sewing Studio", (Northwest #14)! There are so many colorful details in the room and the combination of colors she has brought into the room are so cheerful and inviting. Best of all, the room has great "balance", it looks put-together and in-progress all at the same time. There's just something about the room that makes me want to pick up some colorful fabric and thread and put together a work of my own. It's a perfect space for inspiring creativity!

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What do you want to do next in your home, if anything, to improve it?:

When it comes to my house... the kitchen is next! I'm planning to complement the tranquil blues, olive greens, and soft browns that we have in our loft with a slightly muted "hot brick red" color in the kitchen. I haven't decided whether to use the red on one wall as an accent, or go all out with the color, but participating in this year's color contest has encouraged me to have fun with my color plans for the kitchen!


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