In an ideal universe, the space beneath our beds would be clean and uncluttered – the epitome of feng shui goodness. In the kid universe, however, that space represents precious real estate that can be used to house everything from toys to out-of-season clothes. To compromise, we've rounded up ten approaches to creating under-the-bed storage that marry good vibes with great organization.

Top row, left to right:

Inspiration: Space-Saving Ideas for a Small Room
Kids' Color Contest: Sour Apple Green
See How this Shared Bedroom Was Made
Look! Seonna's Modern Toy Box
Ultimate Sierra Retreat

Second row, left to right:

Tommaso & Lorenzo's Bright Bedroom
Locker Tall Loft Bed from PB Teen
Micki Bed by Box Design
Space-Saving Idea: Built-In Beds
No Closet? No Problem