How To Find the Right Tool for Your DIY Project

How To Find the Right Tool for Your DIY Project

Laurie McGinley
Sep 22, 2011

Finding the right tool for a job can make a DIY project easier, better constructed and more fun to accomplish. I often find that I don't have the right tool and wish I did. Here are five ways to find the right tool for your next DIY project.

1 The Hack Factory: Minneapolis-based Twin Cities Maker opened the Hack Factory, a place where people can share and borrow tools as well as build projects.

"Twin Cities Maker (TC Maker) is a community group based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our mission is to make, share, and learn. We have opened a maker space/hackerspace for members to build projects using various media and technologies, from wood and metal working to electronics to fabrics and beyond."

2 Community Education is an affordable way to learn a new skill in a community of people who have similar interests. The fees for a community education course often buy you access to tools as well as instruction. Check your local public schools for course schedules.

3 North Portland Tool Library is an organization that:

"... is a community resource dedicated to building community and fostering sustainability by providing residents with tools and the power to use them. We loan a wide variety of tools to community members free of charge."

4 Make your own: Maybe you can take on the task of fabricating your own tool. Make Your Own Woodworking Tools: Metalwork Techniques to Create, Customize, and Sharpen in the Home Workshop is a book that can help you make your own tools.

5 Check your local craigslist postings for tool swaping or bartering.

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(Image: Flickr member LadyDragonflyCC licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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