060109-tricky.jpgI've found a few pieces of furniture on the street and dragged them home. A big fear when you acquire furniture this way is hoping that, along with a great mid-century find, you're not also bringing home a load of bugs. So, when my brother told me the following story, I immediately got it. And I also knew I had to pass it along. This takes place in NY but it could work anywhere...

What would you do if you saw a couch plastered with signs warning it was full of bedbugs? You'd steer clear, right? That was what my brother did and he warned his children, who love to play on street furniture, to stay away. Later, he passed the same couch, only now it was being loaded onto a skateboard.

"You don't want that couch, it's full of bedbugs," he yelled frantically.

The skateboard owner grinned. Turned out, the guy (pictured here) had plastered the signs all over the couch knowing that they would keep his find safe while he went home for his wheels. We thought it was a pretty clever trick, one that we'll keep it in mind for future use!