Finding Rainbows with Your Kids

Finding Rainbows with Your Kids

Mari Richards
Jul 11, 2013

It's time to channel your inner Roy G. Biv! Catching a glimpse of a big rainbow - or a double rainbow if you're super lucky - is always hit or miss in the summer. It may be the right season, but the timing isn't always right. So, help your kids discover the science behind rainbows with these toys and tutorials.

I've found a great list of easy rainbow experiments from Wikihow, which I'm dying to test out with my daughter. We also own the Uncle Milton Rainbow in my Room , and it's a beautiful glowing - though a little less realistic - rainbow at bedtime. Add some prisms and some unusual bubble forms, and you'll find rainbows in all kinds of places.

  1. Kikkerland Rainbowmaker Window Ornament ($22.40, All Modern)
  2. How to Make a Rainbow (Wikihow)
  3. Light Crystal Prism ($12.35, Amazon)
  4. Crazy Bubbles ($14.95, Fat Brain Toys)
  5. Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room ($16.95, Toys R Us)

(Images: as linked above)

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