Look! Finishing Touches Complete Art Deco Bathroom

Look! Finishing Touches Complete Art Deco Bathroom

Colleen Quinn
Feb 2, 2009

I kicked off DIY month by completing a couple of different projects over in Mom's apartment. The first project was in the bathroom which we redesigned last year to return to its art deco roots. One of biggest changes last year was getting the building to install a GFCI outlet in the bathroom; unfortunately, they covered that new outlet with terrible cream faceplate which we replaced with the brushed metal plate pictured above. The more we looked at it however, the more we knew it just wasn't right...

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Then one happy day I received the new Rejunvenation catalog in the mail and found the perfect replacement- a classic porcelain faceplate. I ordered the black faceplate, but my delight when it arrived was soon tempered by the unfortunate realization that it didn't fit because the outlet was so close to the door trim. Finally this last weekend, I bought a chisel at Home Depot and went to town. Though there are a couple of paint touchups to be done, both Mom and I are happy with the results.

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