First Day of School Pictures

First Day of School Pictures

Richard Popovic
Aug 15, 2012

As the first day of school creeps ever closer, take time to think about how you will memorialize it. Of course the camera will be in full effect. But have you given thought to how you will set the picture up? Where is the perfect location? Here is one idea that might just grow on you.

Tracie at Cleverly Inspired came up with this, well, clever idea about how she would set up the traditional first day of school photo for her own kids. She posed them in front of a sapling in her yard for their first picture from Kindergarten, and has taken a picture of them in the same spot every year since. It is interesting to see not only the kids grow, but the tree grow up with them. Her collage gives a good idea of how much growth can occur in six or seven years.

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(Images: Cleverly Inspired)

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