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School: Hancock Park Elementary 
City: Los Angeles, California
Teachers: First Grade 

Project: Our project is important to help all different types of students learn about science by watching it happen right before their very eyes. In an age where students are used to constant visual stimulation, it is even more important to give them opportunities for visual learning. This project will give them the experience they need to begin to internalize and understand the cycle of life. 

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My Students: Do you remember how magical it was planting a seed for the first time and seeing it pop out of the soil? We would love for the entire first grade to be able to see the magic that happens below ground as well. With the window greenhouses each student will witness this and care for their own seed.

We have all types of students that come from very diverse backgrounds, speaking over 28 different languages. They are eager learners and excited about plants and their life cycles. Our school is located in an urban area and, unfortunately, most of the students do not have access to gardens or green spaces around them in the neighborhood.

My Project:  The Window Greenhouses will empower our students and give them the responsibility of taking care of a living thing. Students will learn about life cycles and sustainable resources. This experiential learning will create an interest in gardening and growing their own food-something that will be very important in the future as our resources become limited. It will also teach them about making healthy eating choices and taking care of themselves. Because many of our students have limited English skills, having something that they can watch and understand with their own prior knowledge is absolutely crucial. This gives all students, despite language or other physical challenges, a chance to participate.

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Sustainability & Our Community Garden

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