We just passed our one-year "Housiversary", one year from the day we took a deep plunge into a pool of debt and found ourselves with a set of keys to an empty house. We brainstormed how we would celebrate this momentous anniversary, and I joked that we should recreate our first meal in the house by gathering around an upside down laundry basket and eating burritos in the dark.

I remember my past move-in meals fondly, though at the time I'm sure I was smelly and grumpy from an exhausting day. Nevertheless, there is something almost spiritual about moving yourself into a new home. There's no TV noise and no internet... just you among the chaos of boxes and furniture, using whatever you can find as a makeshift dining table, observing the new smells and surroundings and enjoying not lifting anything heavy, eating that burrito and feeling an increasing pressure on your bladder. HOPEFULLY you remembered where you packed the hand soap and toilet paper!

Photographic evidence of our special day
(Image credit: Stephanie Strickland)

For our actual Housiversary, we ended up opening a bottle of d'Art wine given to us by our wonderful Realtor on our signing day and ordering the same tasty El Farolito Mission burritos. Only this time we passed on the laundry basket in favor of a real table and chairs. It was downright classy.

(Image credit: Stephanie Strickland)

How did you cobble together your first dining experience in your new home? Do you have any special move-in day stories?