Reviving the Fitted Bedspread

Reviving the Fitted Bedspread

Catrin Morris
Mar 29, 2012

When you think of fitted bedspreads you probably think of the image on the left, which is reminiscent of a 1970s motel room--all polyester quilting and tacky sheen. But how lovely is the one on the right? And how easy would it be to make the bed in the morning? You could achieve a polished, tailored bed without all the work!

These days bedding trends tend to lean either toward the minimalist, tucked-in look, or the layered puffiness of a Restoration Hardware catalog. Will the fitted bedspread look ever come back in fashion?

With a fitted bedspread, there are two sections, the top and the bed skirt, which usually covers the sides of the bed from the bed edge down to the floor. I like the look of the formal, tailored ones with inverted box pleats at the corners. Often these types of covers are made with slits at each corner so they can fit around the posts of a four-poster bed.

(Image: 1. Smidge House 2. Elle Decor)

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