Fitting In: Does Needlepoint Fit Into a Modern Home?

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I would venture to guess that many of us, at some point or another, have received a very touching and personal gift from a parent or a friend that just doesn't seem to go with anything else in our homes. Case and point: My mum lovingly and painstakingly designed and made this perfectly wonderful (if a little cheesy) needlepoint for me when she and my dad were stuck for three days with no electricity during a hurricane in Virginia. I was (and still am) really, truly, honestly happy and proud to receive it because well, she's my mum and she can needlepoint like nobody's business. every place I've lived in since, it's been relegated to shelves with random knick-knacks, or on my desk slightly obscured by photographs. The problem was--and is--that while i have many weird and interesting art littered all over my house, I can't quite seem to find a spot for this piece. I'm wondering if re-framing it in a more modern, simple frame will do the trick, or is it the actual style of the piece that is throwing it off? Hmm...