5 Filing Solutions: Under $10

5 Filing Solutions: Under $10

Elizabeth Giorgi
Sep 5, 2014
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File folders are basically the least sexy thing ever. But even in our digital times, I find myself in constant need of the handy office stalwarts of the past. So why not get something at least a little bit exciting?

Here are five totally fabulous filing designs that will cost you less than $10:

  1. Nate Berkus for Target Metallic Set (12 for $5.99)
  2. Martha Stewart Vertical File Folders (6 for $5.79)
  3. Poppin's Lime Green Tab Folios (2 for $8)
  4. Blossoms Collection (6 for $5.99)
  5. Yoobi Neon Collection (6 for $3.99)

While you're at it, here are some fun ways to make your file cabinet a lot more attractive too.

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