5 Headphones Designed for Women

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It's just a fact: most headphones are designed for men. From the size to the fit to the look, most headphones aren't engineered to fit or even look right on a woman's head. Until recently, there weren't many options for women, especially women who care about the artistry of the sound and design.

In the last few years, however, there's been an insurgence of both over-ear and in-ear options designed specifically with the woman in mind. Here are five headphones designed just for women:

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1. Frends ($149.99 and up)
Designed to look like a piece of jewelry, the intentionally misspelled Frends collection is constructed with stunning materials fit as a functional fashion accessory, including beautiful leather and a soft fabric cord. The designs come in a variety of shiny metal variations, including the Layla, pictured above.

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2. Yurbuds Inspire for Women ($39.99 and up)
Yurbuds specializes in earbuds for athletes, including specifically engineered for female athletes. The buds are smaller and fit the average female ear, a welcome change for people who are used to the in-ear buds that come with their smart phones or other devices.

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3. Molami Bight ($149.99)
Molami creates beautiful audio products for women which honestly put most headphone designs to shame. The Bight is no exception, an earbud design which could easily be mistaken for a pair of beautiful earrings.

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4. X-1 Momentum Sport In-Ear Bud ($29.99)
Pink it and shrink it" is a term used in reference when designing products specifically for women. While the process of "shrinking" does apply to the X-1, the gender stereotype colorway is absent, a welcome change. The bright teal with white braided cord is both fashionable and functional, being sweat proof, perfect to use during workouts.

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5. Urbanears Plattan ($59.99)
The Plattan is all about adaptability. The structure is designed to fit to the listener and the smaller design makes them ideal for customizing to a woman's cranium. Plus, the available spectrum of bright colors and quality materials make them worth the investment.

(Image credits: Molami; Frends; Yurbuds; X-1; Urbanears)

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