Under $100: 5 Luxe-Look Standing Reading Lamps

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Reading lamps are one of those things that you really don't appreciate until you're sitting in a dark corner totally enthralled with a new book and the sun goes down. Can you tell this happened to me recently? Thus my quest for an affordable and polished reading lamp.

When looking for a reading lamp, you want something that directs light and has a arched shade for maximum light distribution. Lights with an open shade can work, but remember the light will spread in all directions instead of being concentrated in a single spot.

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Here are five options, all under $100. From left to right:

  1. Threshold Banker Lamp in Bronze ($39.99)
  2. IKEA's RANARP Lamp ($59.99)
  3. Laboratory Lamp from Urban Outfitters ($98)
  4. Threshold Jumbo Architect Lamp ($99.99)
  5. Adjustable Steel Floor Lamp ($77.99)

(Image credits: Target; Sites listed below)

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